the children's centre

Bilby Room: One year to two years of age

The Bilby room is our second youngest room catering for 1 - 2 year olds. The Bilby room has a gentle, aesthetically pleasing environment with plenty of natural light for young children to explore and play. It accommodates up to 16 children with four educators, who put strong emphasis on building trusting relationships with every child and family member, which is an essential for development.
Educators take time to learn about each child and their daily routine and needs. Families are encouraged to have a thorough handover in the mornings to ensure their child‘s day can be as relaxing and as close to the home routine as possible.
Programming within the room is designed around the children, and often initiated by them. Families are encouraged to share comments or special occasions they have had over the weekend in the communication book. Comments can then be transferred into the room programme.
Each day educators take photos of children participating in play, which are then used to plan future experiences and are displayed in a portfolio. There are always plenty of sensory activities and experiences to explore, a key focus of children this age.
Children in the Bilby room thrive in an environment that repeats the same routines, children at this age need to feel safe, secure and settled in their environment where they are able to gain confidence and trust with the staff. Educators work closely with the children to support their development by planning the days routine similar to one they follow at home as well as ensuring flexibility is offered at all times.
Children enjoy predicting what comes next in their day, for example if you turn the lights off and put the music on they know it is time for sleep. Or after their morning tea children wash their hands and join their friends on the mat, they begin to wiggle their bodies in anticipation for the music to start, they are familiar in the routine that it is time for a music group. Children enjoy being able to predict the flow of the day as this gives them a sense of belonging.
The centre follows the SIDS guidelines for safe sleeping, and staff will discuss specific settling techniques with families to ensure each child has a calm and secure experience.