the children's centre

Parrot Room: Two - Three-year-old

As one of our two rooms for two- three-year-olds, the Parrot room accommodates a maximum of 15 children with four staff members. The room environment is warm and engaging and is set up for children to feel safe to explore different activities.

The educators in the Parrot room believe that children are capable and active learners within their environment. The educators build trusting and reciprocal relationships with children and families to create a play based environment which offers learning potential for all children. Through play children are motivated to learn and develop positive dispositions towards learning.

Learning program

The educators in the Parrot room recognize play is essential in children‘s early years learning which helps children to develop physical, cognitive, language, and social emotional skills so as to reach full potential. The learning program is influenced by Multiple Intelligences philosophy and guided by the Early Years Learning and Developing Framework. The Parrot room program aims to help children learn and develop in a holistic way through focusing on the five Outcomes of the framework:
· Children have a strong sense of identity (identity)
· Children are connected with and contribute to their world (community)
· Children have a strong sense of wellbeing (wellbeing)
· Children are confident and involved learners (learning)
· Children are effective communicators (communication)

Children learn at different rates and in different ways. Therefore, the educators in the Parrot room use the Practice Principles to provide different kinds of support and engagement necessary for every child to learn and develop.

Detailed information and links between the learning program and the Framework can be seen on the room display wall. There is a reflection book and weekly reflections folder which contains interests, stories of play and special events. The reflections together with children‘s individual portfolios can give families an understanding of their child‘s learning journey throughout the year. Families are highly welcome to participate in the child‘s learning and are encouraged to share ideas and have input in programs.

Children in the Parrot room are given opportunities to be involved in different activities not only inside but also outside. We have a decking area, vegetable garden, sandpit and slide that provide fantastic learning experiences and are also lots of fun. The outside environment also provides children with opportunities to play and interact with kinder children too.

Children are involved in out specialist program that consists of active antics, music, cooking and languages. Children also participate in many centre events and incursions throughout the year, and families are welcome and encouraged to participate too.