the children's centre

Possum Room: Three months to one year

Catering to our youngest children, the Possum room has a calm, relaxing environment, in which even the youngest babies are encouraged to learn and explore with the support of the friendly educators in the room. The Possum room caters for up to 8 children under 1 year of age with 3 Educators  whose focus is on ensuring each child feels secure in a caring and nurturing environment.

Educators meet with the families to learn about each child‘s individual routine and to understand the needs and expectations of each family. We discuss the home routine with the families to ensure we are providing consistent care for each child.

Families are encouraged to share ideas and experiences enjoyed by their young child, special events such as a visit to Grandmas house, going to the park, meeting a friend, or going to a birthday party. These ideas together with the educators observations will help us plan a program which is stimulating, developmentally appropriate and offers many opportunities to explore, including a range of sensory experiences.

Leaving Bubs for the First Time

Educators understand that this can be an emotional and stressful time for families, who are often leaving their child with a carer for the first time. So we invite families to call for updates and reassurance throughout the day. Breastfeeding mothers are welcome to come any time to feed their child. Introducing children to solid foods is also planned carefully with families; educators will always ask families what solids have been introduced at home and discuss meal plans.

The centre follows the SIDS guidelines for safe sleeping, and educators will discuss specific settling techniques with families to ensure each child has a calm and secure experience.