the children's centre

Duck Room: Two to three year olds

The Duck room is our toddler group. At this active age, children start to make sense of their world. The room features lovely open spaces both inside and out, and can have up to 16 children with five educators. The room focuses on building skills to play and actively explore the environment. Children learn best through positive role modeling and often enjoy mimicking adults around them.

Self-help skills are encouraged in regards to eating, sleeping and drinking. This can be the first room in which children will progress from a sipper cup to a cup with a handle, take ownership when settling onto their bed for rest time, or begin toilet training.

The Duck room bases most of its ideas and direction for learning on child-initiated events and experiences. The room follows a reflective journal, which puts a focus on experiences the children enjoy most, which form the core of their programme and are extended over time. 

Toilet Training

Here, children often begin the milestone of toilet training; reassuringly, educators work closely alongside families to ensure a plan is followed at home and within the room. This can sometimes be an uncertain experience for children, and best approached with care, sensitivity and respect. Each bathroom within the centre has children‘s toilets that are accessible to their height and physical abilities.

The first step is for children to become familiar with the bathroom, and often sitting them on the toilet at each nappy change can be a subtle introduction to the area. Educators will always respect each family‘s values and beliefs in this area of development, and can also offer guidance and support in starting and continuing the process.