the children's centre

Wombat Room: Three-year-old room

The Wombat room is our three-year-old room kinder room, the kinder program runs between 9.00am - 3.00pm Monday to Friday over the school terms. Outside of the Kinder program hours and over the school holidays a play based program is offered.

The Wombat room is a generous size room  and can accommodate up to 25 children with the three staff members. The Wombat room environment is engaging and safe and is set up to encourage children to feel trust, respect, support and guidance. Staff from the room believe that children have the right to warm, affectionate and consistent environments that promote learning through play.

The staff in the room work together with the families and children to create a play based programme that centres on children‘s interests. Children will learn more when their play revolves around their current interests and their family‘s interests. Family input is an integral part of the program, therefore families and parents are encouraged to share, ideas, experiences, play and culture with all children in the room

Learning Program


The Early Years Learning and Development Framework forms the basis for the program. The Wombat room aims to provide a program that helps children become lifelong learners through using the five key areas of the framework:

  • Identity
  • Communication
  • Community
  • Learning
  • Wellbeing

Links between the program and the Framework can be seen in the rooms reflections folder which contains accounts and stories of play, special events, interests and current play scenarios. The reflections folder teamed with the children’s individual portfolios, help give families an understanding of their child’s learning journey throughout the year.


Children in the Wombat room are given the opportunity to be involved in our specialist program that consists of active antics, languages, music and cooking. Our outdoor environment provides a fantastic opportunity for children to be actively involved in play or to find a quiet area to spend time with their friends. We have a digging patch, vegetable garden, sandpit, slide and teepee that all provide fantastic learning opportunities whilst also being extremely fun! They are given the opportunity to interact and play with our kinder children while outside too.

Children participate in many incursions throughout the year, which range from a walk to the fruit trees to observe growth and life cycles, to lunch in our on-site restaurant. Families are welcomed and encouraged to participate also.

In the Wombat room children are encouraged to be active community members who value their planet and have a sense of environmental responsibility. The staff help the children in this through encouraging water wise practices and through reusing, reducing and recycling whenever possible.