the children's centre


Do I need to be an employee to get a position at the centre?

No, not at all, we are a community based facility.

Do I pay less if I only leave my child at the centre for a few hours?

No, we charge a daily flat rate fee; families are welcome to drop their child off between the hours of 7.30am and 6pm. Children in the orientation process are not charged for the session; billing will take place once room staff and families have agreed for your child to begin full days.

What hours does the kinder session operate?

The core kinder hours run from 9.00am -3.00pm Monday to Friday in our 3 & 4 year old Kinder rooms, the programme will continue throughout the whole day, as with all room programmes. It is not a sessional kindergarten, so the children have the benefit of experiencing a rich educational programme from open to close.

Do I need to bring food for my child?

No, we have a ‘no food policy’ at the centre. All meals are provided by our qualified chef. We offer morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The only exceptions are for infants on formula or breast milk, which parents may supply in labelled bottles.

My child has special dietary requirements, do I need to bring in his food? If not, how do you cater for his needs?

Upon enrolment at the centre, we ask families to provide us with details regarding special dietary requirements and a support letter from your childs GP / dietician. This information is then recorded and passed on to our chef, a meeting can be organised for families to dicuss their childs individual needs. Meals are prepared separately and served from separate containers.

I would like to continue breastfeeding my baby, can I provide breast milk?

Yes, you are most welcome to supply breast milk in a bottle for your child; alternatively, if you work close by you are welcome to come throughout the day to feed your child.

How long will it take to get a position once I am on the waiting list?

There is no definitive answer to this question, it depends on availability of places and is reliant on children leaving, dropping or changing days. When you have a tour of the centre we may estimate a time you may need to wait until a position is offered. Our biggest intake of new enrolments is January each year.


How can I monitor where my child is on the waiting list?

Parents are welcome to contact the centre by email any time to see where they are on the list.

Do you charge a fee to go on the waiting list?

Yes, we charge a $25 administration fee.

Do you charge for public holidays?

No. Likewise, when the centre closes for two weeks over the Christmas break, families are not charged.

Do you charge for days when my child is away?

Yes, we charge fees according to your regular booked days regardless of whether your child attends or not. 

What is your educator-to-child ratio?

3-month to 1 year old group: 2 educators to max 8 children

1 to 2 year old: 4 educators to max 16 children

2 to 3-year-old group: 4 educators to max 16 children

2- 3-year-old group: 4 educators to max 15 children

3-year-old group: 4 educators to max 25 children

4 to 5-year-old group: 2 educators to max 18 children

4 to 5- year-old group: 2 educators to max 20 children

What qualifications do your educators have?

All educators have, or are studying to acquire, formal qualifications in Early Childhood Education and have extensive experience within the field. All room leaders hold a minimum of Diploma of Children’s Services and all assistants have a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services. Our kinder teachers also have a Bachelor of Education.

Are your educators trained in First Aid?

All educators have training in First Aid and hold current First Aid certificates. Our educators are also trained in Anaphylaxis Management and Asthma Management.

Is your centre assessed?

Yes, the children’s centre is assessed and covered under the Education and Care services National Law and are assessed and rated against the National Quality Standards. The children‘s centre has currently been assessed as Exceeding. Results can be reviewed on 

If a family wishes to reduce days of care the centre requires two weeks‘ notice in writing, the centre has a minimum two day booking policy.


Four weeks written notice is required when ceasing care and all correspondence must be provided to centre management. If a child does not attend the centre during their notice period and is absent on their last day of care they will not be eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy and will need to pay full fee for the period they have been absent.


In the instance that a family chooses to withdraw their child prior to starting orientation they will forfeit their bond unless they notify the centre within one week of payment of the bond, in which case a refund may be given.